El Abrazo de Tango Hiroshima

El Abrazo de Tango Hiroshima


Emergency Bulletin Due to the spread of coronavirus infection,
Group lessons will be closed from tomorrow. It is scheduled to resume from April 18.
I want to act with compassion for others and work together to converge.
❤️Under preparation Online lesson
We are preparing online lessons that can be done at home if you have 2 tatami mats, so please wait for a while.
Schedule Wednesday night & Saturday night
Private lessons will continue.

Rodrigo & Natsuko


Argentine Tango Rodrigo & Natsuko

RODRIGO  Brasilian of Japanese descendant.
NATSUKO Studied in Argentine from 2003 to 2007.

They appeared as a guest dancer on 2008 Event of the Brasilian 100th anniversary,
Flower Festival, Hotel Century 21 (The Sekisui House sponsorship), Hiroshima Kokusai Hotel,
 Argentine music lover's society Dinner Show, Clayton Bay Hotel, Mitsukoshi Department Store,
 Angel Parte, Grand Lacere Higashi Hiroshima, ANA Crown Hotel, Righa Royal Hotel and others.
They stayed in Buenos Aires from January to April 2010.

After returning to Japan, they appeared as a guest on AMIGO de MILONGA 2010 Nagoya,
Mielparque Hiroshima Dinner Show, Hiroshima Home TV at program Ichioshi.
In Tango Asian Championship 2010 they won The 4th place of the Stage Tango
& Best Couple Award.

September 2010, they opened Studio EL ABRAZO DE TANGO Hiroshima Dance Company.
Special appear on The 90 year old commemoration concert of bandoneon player Mine Sagawa.
Special appear on the Argentine Show Tango Emotion in Hiroshima public performance.

In Tango Asian Championship 2011 they won The 5th place of the Stage Tango & Best Dress Award,
 they were finalist for 2 consecutive years.

June 2015 they won the stage division of Tango Asian Championship.

They were starred in Brazil Perfect TV program featuring Tango.
Performance in TAIPEI TANGO FESTIVAL as an international dancer.

Correspondences of our studio for COVID-19 


— Requirements —

1, Alcohol disinfection

2, 2 weeks absence after going out from Hiroshima 

3, 2 weeks absence who had contacts with person having fever 

4, Below 37 degrees

5, No coughs and sneezing (expected hay fever)

6, Enforce wearing mask

7, Gargle before entering our studio who do not wearing mask

8, Identification


monthly schedule


Rodrigo & Natsuko individual lessons are on a first come, first served basis.
☆☆ Price 11,000 yen Solo
              12,000 yen pair
After 18 o'clock, reservations will be filled quickly so be sure to get it early! Reservation required

Cancellation fee for individual lessons
50% cancellation the day before
100% cancellation on the day
Lesson time is 50 minutes.


    ☆☆ ★ Wednesday Lesson ☆☆ ★
❤️ Men's support campaign 2400 yen ➡️ 1500 yen
I want to learn tango, but if you are worried or want to try it, please take this opportunity. ︎

April 22-29
Time 19: 30-20: 30
Price 1 lesson 2400 yen (experience ¥ 500)
Monthly fee 8000 yen (4 times)  

Thursday -  Performance class    -  

The year-end and New Year holidays are closed.  


  * 19: 30 ~ Independent training

    20: 00-21: 00 Monthly system        

Friday    -Daytime practicica-
   The tango is hard to train the trunk.
   Practice gentle steps from basic walking We aim to create a beautiful body.
Closed for two weeks. We will contact you shortly.
  11:00 AM to 12:00 PM / Fee: 1500 yen
  Organized by Sanae


April 18, 25

☆ Lesson & Practical ☆

Anyone can experience it once with peace of mind‼ ︎
All Level Lesson (Introductory ~)
19: 00-20: 00
* Price 2500 yen
☆ Practica (practice meeting). Practice alone  ︎
Slowly solve your questions‼


Contact Us

Hashimoto-cho 7-18, Yamagata BLD4F 2
in Hiroshima District
080-6326-1384 (Natsuko)

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